WhatsApp: already started integrating with Facebook in the Android app

WhatsApp will start advertising from 2020, however, we will have other news, perhaps more useful. In fact, as is customary, the improvements are gradually implemented and tested in the beta version of the Android and iOS application of the world’s largest instant messaging platform.

Are you ready for the (beta) 2.19.151 beta news for Android mobile devices?

The platform used daily by millions of people around the world is an integral part of the Facebook group. In this connection, we recall the intentions, already confirmed, of the Zuckerberg administration in merging its three media. WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram under the same umbrella and structure.

WhatsApp as part of the Facebook group

Although this process takes several months, or years, to be implemented, Download Chain we begin to see the first signs in this direction. Now with the arrival of the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, we find the first signs of an expected merger. At stake is the new beta version 2.19.151.

According to the testimony and research of the publication WABetaInfo, which has the habit of monitoring all the news of this platform, there is important news all ready to be tested. Proof of this is the image that we can see already next, being this the first of two news.

The merger will, therefore, begin with WhatsApp statuses or states. This will also be the first format of the service to display full-screen advertising. The  Stories are one of the most popular formats of today and virtually all social networks provide a format at least similar.

Will the merger begin with WhatsApp Status?

Although we can not state it together, since these conclusions are based on a test version, it is already difficult to ignore the signs that accumulate before our eyes. In fact, this is very likely to be the first step towards merging with the other services in the sphere of Facebook.

This same news, which now reaches the beta version of the application for Android, had already been suggested on the previous occasion. However, it is only now that we have received the promised screenshots (singular), as we can see above.

It will all start with the possibility of sharing your WhatsApp Status in your Facebook Story. Lucky PatcherAPK  Download It’s exactly the same format, just with a different name. In fact, it would not be unthinkable to see this possibility of sharing also extend to Instagram, the third pillar of the Facebook group.

Secondly, we expect the arrival of QR code recognition. In fact, WhatsApp can also recognize these codes from the camera. This is something that we already found, for example, in Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, being an expedited way of doing several actions in the app.

QR codes in the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS

The novelty is being tested in the Android application of this service. Although it is in the test phase, in the event of being applied to the final version, we would have a new way to establish contact with someone. In practice, we could provide our unique QR code so that they can associate our contact.

According to the publication, it will be possible to revoke the validity of the QR code at any time. In short, there may be a new way to add someone through apps for Android and iOS.

That way, when you want to add someone to your contact list, just read your unique QR code. Incidentally, this is a function that is being tested not only in the version for Android but also in the application for iOS. Therefore, it will be even simpler to add someone to your friends and contacts list.

Lastly, none of these functions are already available in the stable version of the app. Likewise, we can not guarantee that these innovations will be applied, even if this is expected.

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