9 Best Free Offline Action RPGs for Android

Wondering what are the best free offline action RPGs for Android? So check out our list of best-of-breed compilation when it comes to action RPG that works without an internet connection and is free! This way, you will not spend money or your precious mobile data packet limit. Look!


NeverGone is a beautiful offline action RPG game for Android that somewhat resembles the iconic Castlevania. In this classic 2D style game, you can play two different characters, Blood Knight and Dark Sister, fighting the most challenging and terrifying creatures in a world full of vampires and demons. It features beautiful cartoon-style graphics, an exciting action soundtrack, and it’s free.


BloodWarrior is an action RPG in the best hack and slash fighting style.GameSpotNet In this game, your mission will be to detonate all the monsters and enemies that come your way. Its graphics are in 3D and in high definition. It has two difficulty modes, a Normal and a Hardcore, and features a total of 145 stages. The game is free and works offline, you also need a device with a minimum memory of 1GB.

Arcane Quest Legends

Arcane Quest Legends is an offline Hack and Slash action RPG for Android. In this game, your mission will be to create a character and equip him progressively to destroy orcs, undead, demons and the most different types of enemies. It has 3D graphics and quite frantic gameplay. The first part is free, and if you can run smoothly on your phone, you can free the remaining chapters with a simple in-app purchase.

Dark sword 2

Dark Sword 2 is a frantic start-to-finish action RPG for Android phones. The famous shadow and silhouette RPG is back, now with much more action and even more beautiful 2D graphics. There are over 100 missions with powerful stage bosses for you to face. All cyborgs are upgradable, so during the game you can purchase new combat parts, items, and equipment. The game is free and works without internet connection.

The World 3: Rise of Demon

The World 3: Rise of Demon is a super offline action RPG available for Android. In this game, your mission will be to hunt and slice the most diverse monsters, and thus gain enough experience to defeat the powerful stage bosses. The game has good 3D graphics and intense and very frantic gameplay. It has a number of powerful combos and the most different types of enhancements and equipable skills.

SOL: Stone of Life EX

SOL: Stone of Life EX is an offline action RPG for Android full of exploitable dungeons. At the beginning of the game, you choose from 4 unique classes, defining which character will accompany you through this intense ARPG adventure. The game features retro-style graphics and an exciting soundtrack. Of course, like every good role-playing game, you can make your character even more powerful throughout your journey.

Ice and fire

Ice and Fire is a 3D offline action RPG for Android. In it, you will play with three different characters: Silver Ghost, Hilde; Ice Crystal Angel, Feilin and the Fire Warlock, Agate. The game offers over 100 levels protected by powerful stage bosses. It’s free with in-app purchases and works even without an internet connection. A great choice for action-packed RPG games from start to finish.

Takashi – Ninja Warrior

Takashi – Ninja Warrior is a Hack and Slash action RPG for Android that works without internet. In this game, your goal as a swordsman ninja of the Japanese medieval era will be to fight against the most different enemies. Everything can be gradually improved in this game, from characters to weapons and armor. A good RPG for those who enjoy the theme of ancient Japan dominated by ninjas and samurai.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is the official Square Enix developer game for Android phones. The game comes in ten chapters, the first of which can be downloaded and played for free. You only buy the other chapters if you want! The entire game interface is optimized for touch commands. It brings all the action-based Final Fantasy RPG mechanics with cute characters to your mobile screen.

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